Doctor Writes Guide for Macular Degeneration Eyeglasses

May 13, 2013

Dr. Randolph C. Kinkade, a Connecticut optometrist and founding member of the International Academy of Low Vision Specialists, has written the Guide for Macular Degeneration Eyeglasses: Low Vision Treatment.  The book helps educate individuals and their doctors about the newest ways to help people see better with macular degeneration and low vision.


For reading and writing there are Prismatic Magnifying Spectacles (PMSs), Spectacle Miniature Telescopes (SMTs) and ClearImage II Reading Microscopes.  They provide higher magnification than regular eyeglasses, often making reading easier.   They do make things better, but they cannot make things perfect warns Dr. Kinkade.

For seeing in the distance (10 feet and beyond), like watching television, driving and seeing people’s faces, new E-Scoop Glasses and Spectacle Miniature Telescopes (SMTs) are available.  SMTs for distance viewing are available in full-diameter and bioptic designs.

“No pair of eyeglasses can eliminate developing blind spots created by macular degeneration, but they do make things larger,  giving you a better chance of seeing and reading,” Dr. Kinkade said.

The Implantable Miniature Telescope (IMT) is another new treatment option for people with advanced stable macular degeneration and is discussed in the book.

An electronic copy of the Guide for Macular Degeneration Eyeglasses: Low Vision Treatment can be requested by emailing     A printed version can be requested at (800) 756-0766.

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Telescopic Low Vison Sports Spectacles by Bernell

August 17, 2009

Low cost telescopic eyeglasses, 2.8 x magnification.


Worn like eyeglasses, they work like binoculars to bring distant activities in focus, while allowing complete hand freedom.
Comes with case
2.8x magnification

Price: $65.95

EyeFine – New Autofocus Telescopic Eyeware

July 22, 2009

EyeFINE is a revolutionary new Low Vision aid. It is an auto focus telescopic system that merges both passive auto focus and active infrared auto focus technology to aid patients with vision loss.

With EyeFINE, many Low Vision patients can read, watch TV, view their computer screens, watch sporting events or religious services and do many other things. EyeFINE’s auto focus technology will instantly focus wherever the patient looks. The wider field, bright image and instant focus make EyeFINE easy to use. Developed at Japan’s Miyazaki Eye Hospital, it works on the same principle as an autofocus digital camera.EyeFine 1

The key features of this system include the very wide, bright visual field and the automatic focus at any distance from 12 inches to infinity with both passive and active focus. Passive focus even allows EyeFINE to focus through the windshield of a car.

It sells for $2,200. Ocutech’s VES-Autofocus retails for $4,000.

Demo video available at

Economical Telescopic Eyeglasses

July 9, 2009

Although they are not fitted to your eyes like prescription telescopic eyeglasses ($1,500 to $2,500) nor as mind boggling as the autofocus VES-AF by Ocutech (retail $4,000) there are reasonable alternatives, off-the-shelf telescopic glasses.

MaxTV & MaxDetail by Eschenbach – $120

Telescopic Eyeglasses by Coil Ltd – $50 at Maxi-Aids

Clip-on Binocular Eyeglasses by Optic Aids

2 to 10 diopter – $25 at Amazon

OpticAid glasses 2