DaVinci vs. Prodigy

August 14, 2015

There was a time when a digital Image magnifier was a simple device. You put a newspaper on a table and an enlarged view appeared on a video screen. Now the number of screen options and alternative features require a guide book. However this flexibility does provide a far superior experience.

Two of the best are the DaVinci by Enhanced Vision and the Prodigy by Humanware.  They both provide an enlarged vision of what you are trying to read in high definition with optional magnification, contrast and type color. They both can read the message out loud for you. They both help you see photos of you grandkids, although in different manners.

The differences between these magical devices are in the hardware construction.

Da Vinci

The DaVinci has a camera on a stand that swivels left and right, forward and back.  This allows a woman to point it at her own eyes as she applies makeup. It allows a student to point it at the blackboard and read the magnified image on the monitor.

The DaVinci lets you connect to your computer or your iPhone, allowing you to read the iPhone screen on your enlarged monitor. It can read your email aloud. You can wander thru Google or watch YouTube on an enlarged screen.


prodigi 2

The Prodigy has a removable camera similar to a smart phone. This gives you the advantage of having two devices in one: a desktop magnifier and a portable magnifier. The portable feature lets you read menus in a restaurant or info at the airport. However this is not a tablet or smartphone.

They both have easy to use controls. The DaVinci has familiar buttons and knobs. The Prodigy has a simple touch screen.

With a 24 inch screen, the DaVinci costs $2,995 and the Prodigy Costs $3,495. For $595 you can buy a Pebble portable magnifier and add it to the DaVinci.

Either one of these devices is a wonderful assistive, well made, expensive, but well worth the cost.