Causes of and Treatments for Retinal Bleeding

January 9, 2011
Sometimes this is caused by high blood pressure or diabetes. In addition to the direct treatment of the bleeding, these should be checked for and controlled. Sometimes it can be caused by a fall or head injury. Another cause is high-stress.

Laser treatment is the commonest treatment. It works but might leave small local blind spots.

The eye injections are called anti-VEGF drugs, such as Lucentis, Avastin and the earlier Macugen. They usually require repeat injections. Recent studies show they can sometimes have side effects. So they should be watched for these side effects.
Avastin is very similar to Lucentis. However Avastin costs $50 per shot and Lucentis costs $1,500 per shot. They are both made by Genentech (Hoffman La Roche)