Free Text-to-Speech Readers

June 11, 2011

Here  are four Text-to-Speech Readers for your PC.

They are free for the trial version; extra voices can be purchased for about $30.

They work with text, Word doc, HTML and PDF formats.

Some even read e-mail.

You can open the files to be read from within each program.



Text Speaker;contentMain


The price is  right. These are free.  JAWS costs $895.


New Intel® Reader Transforms the Printed Word

December 14, 2009


Printed text into audio: quickly and easily

There has never been a mobile device quite like the Intel® Reader. Such convenient access to the printed word can be life changing for people with vision or reading-related disabilities, blindness, or low vision. The level of success and freedom they stand to gain with the Intel Reader is unprecedented.

Intel® Reader for low vision

For people with low vision, the Intel Reader offers convenient access to a variety of printed information, empowering you to live a more independent life. Straightforward menus, easy-to-locate buttons, and audio menus make it easy to use.

The Intel Reader can read many kinds of printed text, so you can enjoy having a magazine, book, or a concert program read back or displayed in large print on the screen. You can play back the audio in either a male or female voice, and you can adjust the playback speed (words per minute) to your preference. Quick access to cookbooks, grocery labels, or receipts makes it easier to handle everyday tasks. At home, you can read for pleasure with the enlarged text size on the LCD display or relax your eyes and have the story unfold as a narrated audio file. And the ability to deal with your own printed mail helps you keep personal information private.

The Intel Reader lists for $1,500, same as the K-NFB Reader at street price.

Booksense: A new device from GW Micro

July 7, 2009

The new portable digital audio book player, BookSense, allows people to access information for education, information, and entertainment. Students can access school textbooks, people in the workplace can stay current with journals or business magazines, and anyone can enjoy newspapers, favorite novels, a bestseller, and even their favorite music.

With a comfortable feel when held in your hand, the BookSense is very easy to use. Weighing only four ounces, it is portable and powerful and easily fits into a shirt pocket, backpack, or purse, so you can take it anywhere.

Two models are offered : BookSense and BookSense XT. Both models play audio files, DAISY content, and read documents. Secured-Digital (SD) memory card slot, and built-in digital recorder are all standard features on both the BookSense and BookSense XT. The media player supports a variety of formats, such as MP3, MP4, OGG, WAV, WAX, M4A, and WMA. Use the media player to listen to your music collection, including music downloaded from Apple iTunes.

In addition to all of the standard features, the BookSense XT boasts 4 GB of built-in memory, an FM radio, and Bluetooth capability. Use the BookSense XT to listen to your favorite radio station, or use the Bluetooth to use your stereo Bluetooth headset. Imagine listening to your favorite book without the hassle of wires from headphones.

Booksense costs $314. Booksense XT costs $449.