John Logan is a retired engineer, a teacher at OLLI at Duke University, a lecturer on assistive technology and a relentless Internet researcher. He can be reached by email at jlogan7280@yahoo.com.

Herb Halbrecht is a retired businessman, who started our participation  with OLLI. He had been diagnosed with advanced Macular Degeneration, but was not told anything about low vision alternative technologies. He was furious. Assistive technology and  good eye doctors have gotten him past that anger. Herb has since passed away.

Gail M. Johnson has an experiential  background in development of  low vision aids and teaching seminars for the medical and lay communities where she has lived.   A friend wrote of Gail’s low vision experiences, “Losing sight brings (to Gail), second sight, INSIGHT.”  She is involved in community leadership, church activities, volunteer opportunities and photography. Her email address is LVATUG_G@gmail.com.

Lauren Tappan, MA,  has low-vision herself and uses Zoom Text, CCTV and magnifying glasses as AT devices.  She has worked as a counselor/teacher/writer and has been a professional student most of her life.  She is presently co-teaching a class on Assistive Technology at Olli (Duke Learning and Retirement) this Fall.  She is interested in good literature, travel, opera/ plays, films and documentaries  She is a great resource for local low-vision services.  You can reach her at 919-929-5256.


4 Responses to About

  1. Hello from California: upon reading the blog, I immediately printed it out to share with my group, the Outa Sight Group of Woodland. I had the pleasure to talking to Gail on the phone and learned about the blog. I look forward to more blogs. I am a community activist/volunteer, running my own non-profit. Have a great day. Lucinda

  2. Gail says:

    I have been fortunate to have met Lucinda and her husband while they were visiting NC. The insights gained from our conversations of the impact of vision loss have given me another low vision perspective. Whether you are experiencing vision loss or not, my recent dialogue with Lucinda reminded me of how valuable it is to take a moment and talk. Ask someone with low vision or who is blind if they are willing to dialogue. I think the insight gained will enrich our understanding and compassion of what it is to “walk with someone else’s eyes.”

    Start the dialogue…it only takes a moment.

  3. Arrow Zou says:

    Good review on different product. Thanks

  4. hmhreinsson says:

    Hi there and greetings from Stockholm!
    I came across your site and I´ve been reading through the posts, great stuff! You just got yourself another devoted reader! 🙂
    All the best!
    Hinni Hreinsson.

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