Intro to this Low Vision Blog

If you are an individual experiencing limited eyesight for all kinds of reasons, which could be cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, detached retina, etc., this information might be useful for you. Your ophthalmologist will not tell you this information and you’ll have to find it through a low-vision occupational therapist and other resources. To assist you, we have been writing this blog for over 8 years, sharing the low vision information we find with thousands of readers throughout the world

If you’re struggling using your computer, you might want to use Zoom Text. You can download a trial version of Zoom Text and see if it is any help to you. Zoom Text has a magnification and reading feature that can be adjusted to your eyesight limitations. I strongly recommend downloading a trial version of Zoom Text to see if this might be helpful.

We also recommend that you connect with a low-vision occupational therapist. You might contact Therapeutic Solutions in Raleigh, NC. There are other low-vision occupational therapists throughout the country . These low-vision occupational therapists will meet you where you are at, at the time. They will help you maintain your independence and show you how you can use an iPad, as an example, for your transportation needs.

Continue to read this blog as it will give you a lot of information along these lines found by John Logan. It is important that you become your own advocate.

Lauren Tappan


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