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The following is by Lauren Tappan.

Urgent News for Zoom Text users.  Go to Ai-Squared and up-date Zoom Text from this site.There will be text support people to help you with this this weekend.  Their note said that

If you do not do this u-date/ Zoom Text will not work for you.  You have to go through theAi-Squared site because other methods will not completely download this new version.

If you decide to up-grade your e-mail program, be sure to first contact Ai-Squared to make sure, that your new e-mail program works well with Zoom Text.  They suggested Outlook 2016 which might be harder and harder to find.

We have noticed that the text on Outlook 2016 was very faint and hard to read.  We made a few adjustments and it is better but needs more work.  Ai-Squared said that if we getZoom Text 11 these problems will be fixed.  They suggested downloading Zoom Text 11Test to see if it repairs the text reading problem.


Dear Ai Squared Customer,

You should have received a notification from Ai Squared making you aware that due to a digital certificate issue the current versions of ZoomText and Window-Eyes applications will need to be updated in order to work after January 26. Any copies of these applications that have not been updated, will no longer run after January 26, 2017.

Information about this issue, affected products, and links for download updates that fix these problems are now available at www.aisquared.com/certificatefix.

In order to better serve you, Ai Squared technical support will be available from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Eastern on both Saturday, January 28 and Sunday, January 29. For access to this weekend support, call the technical support line  (727) 803-8600 and follow the prompts. Please listen carefully as the options have changed.

Thank you for your patience and concern while we deal with the digital certificate issue.

For more Info:




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