AMD Increases Risk of Brain Hemorage

Age-related macular degeneration  (AMD) patients are at an increased risk for brain hemorrhage. Study researcher Renske G. Wieberdink, M.D., said, “Other studies have found there are more strokes in older individuals with late AMD, but ours is the first to look at the specific types of strokes. We found the association is with brain hemorrhage, but not brain infarction.”

The study only observed a small amount of brain hemorrhages, so larger studies are needed in order to make any conclusions on the association between the two.

Dr. Wieberdink added, “These findings should be considered preliminary. Patients and physicians must be very careful not to over-interpret them. We don’t know why there are more brain hemorrhages in these patients or what the relationship with AMD might be. This does not mean that all patients with late-stage AMD will develop brain hemorrhage.”

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