Low Vision Apps

The following is by Lauren Tappan

As a low vision user of digital devices. I am still enjoying the apple ipad. I now have 4 different apps to download books and also the KNFB Reader app, which reads text to me. I have found the ipad helpful when traveling. I have an app that helps me keep track of arrival and departure of my flights, and it also gives me updated information at my travel destination. I have found it easy to keep track of emails using the zoom feature, and it is easy for me to develop an address book of email contacts. I have found it very easy to update software and the maintance of the ipad is relatively easy.
    Duke Olli (Retirement in Learning) has an ipad class for new beginners this upcoming semester. I will be demonstrating the ipad for low vision users at this class on Monday September 26th at 10 am at the Judea reform Synagogue in Durham.”

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