What a Computer Can Do for People with Low Vision

Your change in vision status is a good time to rethink how technology can help you maintain your independence. An accessible computer can be one of your most valuable tools. Consider just a few of the tasks of daily living you will be able to accomplish independently using a personal computer:

  • Keeping in Touch
  • Keeping up with the News
  • Handling Finances
  • Shopping
  • Reading
  • Saving Money
  • Staying Entertained
  • Reading your mail and other important documents

Computers use special programs, operating systems, and applications, to perform tasks as varied as solving advanced mathematics problems to displaying your grandchild’s latest artwork on a screen. Though it might seem that the majority of a computer’s functionality relies on vision, the truth is that text lies behind most of what a computer does, from calculations to web pages. And since text can be output in an audible format, under the right circumstances and with the right training, computers are actually highly accessible to people with visual impairments. Think of it this way: When you type an “A” on a computer keyboard, you can either see that letter show up on the screen or hear it read aloud.

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