iPad Pro & the KNFB Reader

The following is by Lauren Tappan.

  I am a low-vision user of the iPad Pro. I have found the iPad Pro to be extremely helpful when traveling. It’s nice to be able to check on departure and arrival times for flights and be able to read books and articles while I am waiting for the plane. It’s also been very nice to be able to continue to receive and send out emails while I’m away from my stand alone computer. I use the Zoom and dictation features on my iPad Pro, because of the Zoom and Dictation features I am able to navigate in different settings.
     Recently, I downloaded the KNFB reader app. The KNFB reader batch mode has allowed me to take photos and save at least 10-20 pages of a book or article that I will read at a later time. This has been an invaluable resource.
     It has taken some time to slowly incorporate this digital information into my life. As an example, I’ve saved several important palms and quotes for years. I’ve had these messages in my office and have not been able to read them without taking them off the wall and reading them with my stand alone CCTV. For this reason, I haven’t read these palms and quotes in a long time. Yesterday, I decided to take this important text off my wall and download it to the KNFB reader app. So now, I am able to have this text read to me whenever I’m interested. This may not seem like much to many but to me it means a lot to be able to read this text whenever interested.
    When we had a several hour wait at the airport recently, I was able to use the KNFB reader to read several Wallstreet Journal articles. This was also an invaluable use of my time.
    I strongly recommend low vision users of digital devices check out the KNFB reader.

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