Low Vision Book

Insight into Low Vision, a book by Terri Cyr OD

This book brings together information which is helpful to those with impaired vision.  It is a reference  and starting point for those who desire to know more about resources and technologies available to help them adjust and adapt to a life with sub-normal vision. 

The author is an optometrist who has worked with the visually impaired and realized that there was a gap in the public understanding of vision loss. While searching for aids, treatments, and techniques to help her patients, she put together this book as a source  of information to open up the world of low vision for the visually impaired to realize their potential to lead normal lives.

 Topics include:

  • Description and use of low vision aids
  • Electronic technology for low vision
  • Eyeglass technology
  • Optical and non-optical aids
  • Adaptive techniques
  • Types of vision loss and the impact on vision
  • Clinical Reasearch
  • Resources

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