The NC State Library for the Legally Blind offers downloadable talking books, magazines and braille through two services.

1. BARD (Braille and Audio Reading Download) is a national program through which users can borrow braille and audio books. You must apply for this service. Format: digital talking books and braille

2. NOBLE (North Carolina BARD Local) is a local service through which users can download braille and audio books, magazines, and podcasts. No application is necessary. Format: digital talking book, podcasts, digital braille

Still with low-vision, I am now an I-Pad Pro user and have recently downloaded the BARD ap to my I-Pad Pro.  The BARD ap come from the NC Library for the Blind and it is their digital book collection.  A low-vision user will definitely need a sighted person to help them set this up.  Unfortunately,  the steps to set up this ap do not seem user friendly and require many steps.  Even with a sighted helper you might still need to contact the NC Libraries BARD tech support people to help with the set-up but once this has happened/ it is definitely worth the effort.
    I was able to download two books that I have been wanting to read and the download happened only in a few minutes.  Once the books are downloaded there is a quick and easy navigational system that is easy to learn.
    I have been trying to locate and read this  book for many years.  The book has dense and difficult material so it is hard/ if not impossible to find a personal reader to read this book to me.  I have been trying to read this book on my Clear Reader Plus but I can usually only read a few pages at a time.  So now that this book has been downloaded  to my BARD ap I can read this book quickly and easily.
    It is a new world and I am excited to be able to finally have access to the books I want
to read.
Lauren Tappen

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