New technology is helping people with vision impairments see

The digitalized glasses help some people with low vision,see.
The Sight Center of Northwest Ohio hosted demonstrations of the new glasses today.

The glasses are hands-free, mobile and they’re customized to each person’s needs. They are for people with visual impairments like macular degeneration.The glasses help with things like reading as well as using laptops and phones.

esight 2

Jill Hofbauer has Stargardt’s Disease, a form of macular degeneration. Today, she put on a pair of eSight glasses and things came into focus. She was able to read a menu without having it up close to her face and she read the eye chart much further down than usual, “When I was doing the number charts and they showed me how far down the chart I got, I was amazed. Without the glasses I would have been taxed to see that information.”

Here’s how the glasses work. A camera records high definition video.
The video is then presented on two screens in the headset.
eSight users carry a small, lightweight processing controller that adjusts every pixel of the video in real time. Hugh Montgomery is with the company,”We can add zoom, we can add contrast. It does auto focus so I am basically watching a video of my life when i use the glasses.”

It is NOT cheap. The system goes for $15,000. That is the cost of a nice second hand car. How much is vision worth?

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