Non-Invasive Therapy to Treat Wet Macular Degeneration

xR’s Emerging New Therapy to Treat Wet Macular Degeneration Non-Invasively

Treatment of the wet disease consists of uncomfortable and potentially dangerous anti-VEGF injections into the eye every 1 to 3 months for the life of the patient to preserve vision. VEGF drugs attack the abnormal blood vessels that cause the wet disease but, over time cause retinal degeneration.

xR, a leader in Epigenetic Health; the rapidly evolving evidence-based science that improves the activity and expression of your genetics, is making strides in the field of eye care to prevent and help treat wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Early results with dry disease indicate vision improvements, giving new hope to patients with this condition.

A patient with grossly distorted vision from wet macular degeneration received anti-VEGF injections every nine weeks for one year. The patient added xR Epigenetic Health to her overall health regimen and is now 20/20, without needing a single injection in the last six months. This result is one her retina doctor says happens “almost never.”

xR integrates genetic based therapy, bioidentical hormones, and nutrition to help the body naturally repair itself at the cellular level. “Epigenetic therapy has anti-VEGF properties because it turns off the genes that make VEGF,” said Brian Bakke PhD and chief science officer at xR. “Furthermore, epigenetic therapy has powerful anti-inflammatory properties which are known to help eyes with wet macular degeneration along with the ability to positively influence the activity of many genes that can help heal disease.”


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