iPod Update

This article is from Lauren Tappan.

   As a low-vision consumer of assisted technology devices, software, and equipment, I’m always looking for new solutions to continue to read. I recently purchased the iPad Pro and am slowly learning how to use the assistive features in it. If interested, I suggest  going to the web and looking up “mastering voiceover gestures with the iPad.” NFB (National Federation for the Blind) has supported KNFB reader app for the iPad. This means that people with low-vision and blindness are able to use the iPad using voiceover features. At this point, I am able to take very good pictures. I am able to use the KNFB reader to read any text, menus, books, or magazine articles. I have also recently downloaded a book and am reading it, all of which I’ve been able to do with the iPad Pro voiceover features. There is much more to learn. As an example, I’m hoping to learn the dictation feature for the iPad, so that I will be able to use email by dictating my messages.

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