The iPad Pro and the KNFB Reader

This article is by Lauren Tappan:

   Being a visually impaired AT user, I am always looking for new ways to read with a digital device. I have spent a great deal of time looking at different At devices to see what will work best for me.
     I am now using a PC with Zoom Text, a stand alone CCTV and the Clear Reader Plus.  The problem is that none of this equipment is portable.  I have been looking for a portable AT device that will allow me to read while on the road.
   Recently I purchased an I-Pad Pro at our local Verizon Store.  This I-Pad Pro has a 12 inch screen and I was able to download the KNFB Reader app.  I have not found the imbedded accessibility features in the I-Pad very useful but after installing the KNFB Reader app it changes the whole story.  Once the app was installed, I was able to take a photo of text and have it read to me immediately.  I have only had this device for a few days but I can now take pictures,and read text with it so far.  There are many other features I am looking forward to exploring.  As an example, I have downloaded the Bard app which hopefully will allow me to download books from the NC Library for the Blind and read these books on my I-Pad while traveling.
     My hope is that I can take this device to an airport / take a picture of a gate sign and then expand the photo enough to read the Gate and direction that it points me to.  In this way, I might be able to travel solo without assistance from airport staff.  Tune in, I will let you know if this works.
     Costs vary.  I got my I-Pad Pro on  Store wide promotion for $930 which
included the case.  the KNFB reader app had a reduced price of $74.00.
   I am not sure about costs for training.  I think it is free to customers.
I am not sure/ how it will end up with this AT Class?  Will let you know.
   Check out the I-Pad Pro and KNFB Reader.  You can see a demonstration from NFB members who have endorsed this app for people like us.
For more info:

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