The following is from Thibault Peant:

Dear Mr. Logan,

I’m contacting you regarding the launch of Claria Zoom, our all-in-one Android application that makes life easier for elderly and people suffering from eye diseases (AMD, glaucoma…) and helps them stay active and independent.

As you may know, 580 million people are aged 65 and above. Many of these suffer from sight loss, and most of them have trouble using new technologies, and particularly smartphones. Using a smartphone can even turn out to be a real challenge for partially-sighted people. Nevertheless, very few Android apps are available to help these people connect to the smartphone world as easily as sighted people.

Why could this be of interest for your readers on LVATUG Blog?

Claria Zoom is the best app for low vision and offers a wide range of features to improve our users’ daily life:

  • An unrivaled reading and writing comfort: texts displayed in big characters, contrasted color themes, big keyboard and speech activation available on any screen
  • A new easy-to-read home screen for a stress-free navigation
  • A rich and complete navigation thanks to a set of 20+ redesigned and easy-to-use functionalities: phone, text messages, emails, pedestrian GPS, electronic magnifier, OCR… 

Moreover, Claria Zoom can replace dedicated devices for low vision enabling users to save hundreds of dollars.

Please find more information on our website: (video)

How much does it cost?

The demo version of Claria Zoom is available for free on the Google Play Store (download here), and for only $3,99/month (rolling contract), users can enjoy all the functionalities of Claria Zoom (30 days of free trial).

Please find enclosed the press release for the launch of Claria Zoom along with screenshots of the app.

It would be a great help for us if you could spread the word about Claria Zoom on your blog. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question or need further information.

Thibault Péant

250 Rue Saint-Denis
75002 Paris
P: + 33 9 72 39 27 30

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About Claria

Founded in 2011, Claria is a French provider of digital solutions for visually impaired people. Claria solutions allow both blind and partially sighted people to increase their independence and improve their everyday life, regardless of their fondness for or knowledge of new technologies.

In partnership with Doro, leader on the market of mobile phones for elderly people, Claria has been developing the Doro 820 mini Claria, the ideal smartphone for blind users. This phone has also been chosen as a referent solution for blind users by Orange, phone operator.

Claria Zoom (solution for partially sighted users) won the Golden Silmo award in the “low vision” section at the 2014 World Optical Fair in Paris.


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