An ambitious group of scientists are trying to end blindness forever

A comprehensive article in the Australian journal Business Insider.

Historically, there’s been little we can do for someone going blind. Slowly but surely, that’s starting to change.

In many cases, diseases that cause blindness damage the retina at the back of the eye, which contains the specialised nerve cells that make vision possible. Since the body only has limited means to repair nerve cells and can’t replace dead ones, this damage is pretty much permanent— at least for now.

The National Eye Institute has launched the Audacious Goals Initiative, the “audacious goal” being finding a way to regenerate those lost nerve cells and restore vision to millions.

The article goes on to cover the Bionic Eye by Argus, Stem Cell research, a molecule called a Photoswitch that changes shape in response to light, and advice from the Mayo Clinic on Blindness Prevention.

For more info:


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