The New Duke Eye Clinic and AT Lab

Lauren Tappan went to the New Duke Eye Clinic and interviewed Fay Tripp. Here are the results.

The Vision Rehabilitation Clinic is the first door on the left as you enter the new Duke Eye Center Hudsonbuilding.They have a Enhanced Vision CCTV in the lobby area.  Dr. Diane Whitaker, OD, Karen Summerville, certified ophthalmic medical technologist (COMT), and Fay Tripp, Occupational Therapist (OT) are the Vision Rehabilitation treatment team.  Because of the medical model, patient visits can be billed to insurance co. As a clinical team they like to look at the individual patient’s total need and tailor AT equipment accordingly.  Some referrals for individual/ AT instruction can be also arranged.
Dr. Whitaker has envisioned a VRTT/ Vision Rehabilitation Technology Training program in their Media room.  A pilot project is arranged for this coming
Fall.  This pilot project will be teaching individuals how to   incorporate accessibility features with use of a wireless laptop for internet functions and emailing. They hope to be able to broadcast this training to a classroom setting or to individuals at some time in the future.
We will continue to follow the progress of the Media center and their new pilot project.

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