Simple Adjustments Around the Home Can Help Those with Low Vision

The American Assoc of Ophthalmologists recommends the following.

A common condition among seniors, low vision can make everyday activities difficult, increasing reliance on loved ones and caregivers while increasing the risk of falls and depression. However, here are a few simple adjustments around the home that can lessen this dependency for those with less severe forms of low vision.

1.  Place furniture in small groupings so less distance vision is required during a conversation

2.  Set brightly colored accessories around the home to help with locating the items around them.

3.  Brighter lighting can help with reading and activities such as sewing or cooking.

4.  Embrace technology. There are a variety of technology-based tools for smartphones and tablets designed to aid people with low vision.

5.  Tape down area rugs and remove electrical cords from pathways to decrease risk of falling and injury.

6.  Keep up with eye exams.

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