George Wurtzel — Blind Woodworker & Craftsman

George teaches woodworking to people who are sightless or have limited vision. A former NC craftsman, he works in Minneapolis, MN.

Woodworking Classes For Anyone At Any Experience Level

He can take someone with no experience at all — maybe never even had the opportunity to use a hammer or screw driver — and show them with the right amount of directions through their own hands or feet they can bring their project to life.

He has taught people from all walks of life and people with a wide array of skills, talents and challenges: from a trades person with 30 years experience who needs to become a solid service fabricator to a person who had no hands and he taught him to run power saws with his feet. He happened to be a person with normal vision, but he was taking a job with an agency for the blind and there the policy was that their employees will take my class while wearing a blindfold.

He has taught deaf, blind people, people with many different varieties of physical or mental capacities. He is proud to say he thinks that he improved the quality of their lives and added to how they felt about their ability to encompass new challenges.

If you want to learn how to build beautiful wood objects, please inquire. He is always willing to help someone who just wants to build one thing, or someone who wants to build as a hobby or to earn a living at it.

If you want to build a one-time project, learn how to be a good hobby craftsman or want the background to pursue woodworking as your vocation, he is willing to help you to use your own talents better.

For more info:

George Wurtzel Woodworking | 517-449-2150
2613 S. Stevens Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55408


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