Low Vision Speaker Event Nov. 14

The following post is from  Lauren Tappan, corrected version:


On November 14, 11 am, Binkley Baptist Church, Chapel Hill, NC, we will have a speaker event for people with vision limitations. This event would be most helpful for professionals and individuals with cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, etc. This is information that your doctors will not tell you. Lauren Tappan will talk about a low-vision resource blog, Lyn Shields will talk about UNC Hospital’s Kinttner Eye Center Low-Vision Clinic, Jack Mitchell will bring in assistive technology equipment for hands on demonstrations. For more information, contact Lauren Tappan at laurenandjay@mindspring.com

Jack Mitchell represents Indigo Logix. Their website is www.indigo-logix.com. He will be showing the Prodigi digital magnifier by Humanware. Indigo Logix is the Humanware dealer for NC, TN and GA.

You can  link to the Prodigi brochure by linking here: Prodigi Duo/Desktop/Tablet




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