Low Tech – High Impact

This article by Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

During a recent conversation with my father-in-law who has wet macular degeneration, he asked if we would send him another penlight. He uses it all the time and carries it with him everywhere, right in his pocket. Many times it’s not magnification that’s needed to see better but rather more light.

With a quick push of a button he can see the buttons on the microwave, find an electric cord outlet, or read the wording on a bottle.

Simple Solution

The benefits of this little light are:

1. Super Bright

The extra source of super bright LED light provides clarity and visibility.

2. Lightweight and Small

Carry it in your pocket or clip it onto your shirt pocket.

3. Convenient

You don’t have to get to a lamp to see.

4. Durable

The new LED lights means you never get a broken bulb because they last for 1000’s of hours. The lens is unbreakable and scratch resistant. Despite several drops his is still going strong.

5. Easy to replace AAA battery

6. Inexpensive

The penlight we purchased costs just under $20.

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