Pilot Study on ChromaGen Lenses helping with reading problems

We have a Life Changing Optical Lens Solution that Treats Reading Disorders that Changes Lives!

Pilot Study on ChromaGen Lenses 

ChromaGen Lenses help those struggling with reading problems such as dyslexia by using selective wavelengths of light to dynamically balance the speed of information as it travels from the eye, through the optic nerve to the patient’s brain. They look like regular eyeglasses with tinted lenses.

Once the appropriate ChromaGen Lenses are prescribed for each eye, unruly words and sentences are brought into focus. Our patients describe that the words “are standing still for the first time”.  In addition to seeing improvements in reading and handwriting, our patients also report a significant reduction in headaches, nausea and fatigue while reading or working on the computer.

Recently Clear Solutions for Reading LLC completed a Pilot Study of 51 subjects in order to prepare for our FDA clinical Trial planned for later this fall.  See details below. 
If you would like to see the results of the Pilot Study, please email me and I will forward them to you. 
Clear Solutions for Reading LLC (“CSR”), working in conjunction with ChromaGen Vision LLC, carried out a Pilot Study in Tampa, Florida in May and June of 2014. The principals of CSR are Jeanne Howes PhD, an educational psychologist, who has been practicing for twenty-five years with an emphasis on children and families, and Edward Huggett Jr, OD, who is a licensed optometrist with a twenty-five year practice with an emphasis on binocular vision.
Goals of the Pilot Study.  ChromaGen Vision was seeking to determine if a student with a reading problem who uses ChromaGen Lenses would receive benefits in the following four areas:

Increase in Reading Speed
Increase in Reading Comprehension
Decrease in Word Movement Symptoms that cause problems with reading
Decrease in the Vision Related Issues that cause the “nagging symptoms” of headaches, nausea, fatigue, eyestrain, and loss of place when reading. 



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