Frustration at the Apple Store

The following is by Lauren Tappan.

 I am still in search of a small, hand-held, portable AT unit.  I want to be able to take a picture of text and have it read to me. The Smart Phone screen is too small for me to read so I thought that I would have a better chance reading an I-Pad screen.
I went to our local Apple store and was told that our local Apple store has a blind employee who can help me with Apple AT solutions.   It was almost impossible to find out this gentleman’s name and when he planned to be at the store.
After much effort,we met him at the Apple store only to discover that he was not able to demonstrate the AT aps for low-vision users as they are not installed on the floor models.  The only recommendation he could make was that I purchase an I-Pad costing
around $499 and then come to ther classes for I-Pad users.
It is hard for me to consider paying $499 and somehow downloading an AT ap and then struggling back to the store for classes when
I don’t know  if I can read the text and the navigational tool bar. I don’t know unless I can see the screen in person
read Whether I can the text or not,  transportation is always an issue for people with low-vision and the thought
of trying to make it to store on a regular basis is daunting.
The Apple Store staff were very accommodating and did the best they could with what limitations were imposed on them. It seems that Apple is missing the boat for us low-vision customers.  It would be very helpful if Apple could  make their blind employee
more accessible to potential low-vision  customers.  It would have been more helpful if  this young gentleman was able to show
me his  I-Pad aps and demonstrate to me how easily he is able to navigate through the system. I think that  any informed AT program has to include Apple products along with other Vendor devices but how do we do it when it is so impossible to see them in person?

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