Legally Blind Artist Recovers Sight

His opthamologist at the University of British Columbia says he’s never seen anything like it. But Vancouver painter John Crittenden has beaten the odds (again) by taking a nutritional approach to heal an age-related form of blindness.

Crittenden, who has just turned 75, was diagnosed last year with “macular degeneration” in his right eye. The diagnosis was particularly devastating for him, given his lifelong career as a professional painter (Crittenden has produced and sold more than 1,200 paintings over a 48-year career, including an acclaimed portrait of the late Chief Dan George).


Three months later he had lost all sight in his right eye and the disease had started in the left one. His opthamologist said that he would never see again with his right eye. “I wasn’t prepared to accept that diagnosis,” said Crittenden. “So I began researching everything I could about the connection between diet and macular degeneration. I soon learned that most diseases have a basis in mineral deficiency, body acidity and a weak immune system.”

Faced with losing his sight completely, Crittenden developed his own naturopathic protocol that addresses the underlying causes of eye disease, including minerals, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidant deficiency plus lifestyle changes.

After eleven weeks the results have been dramatic. Crittenden’s vision has improved from 20/400 blindness to 20/50 vision—and he’s now planning to be back in his studio, hard at work on a new set of canvasses.

Crittenden’s opthamologist, Dr. Patrick Ma (who is a professor and current head of the Retina Division at the University of British Columbia), says he has never seen this kind of regeneration before and told John to “keep doing what you’re doing, you may change a lot of our minds.”

For more info:  John Crittenden
(604) 421-1085


3 Responses to Legally Blind Artist Recovers Sight

  1. nystagmite says:

    I’m not sure I trust this story. For starters, I have never heard of anyone losing their sight completely because of macular degeneration. How is this artist qualified to come up with a naturopathy protocol all on his own? Glad for him if something has worked for him, but I can’t help wondering, “What’s the racket?”

  2. Diego S says:

    Yes, very true. About once a year it is a great idea to check in with you ophthalmologist to make sure you dont have a cataract or any harmful issue. Thanks for the post.

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