ORCAM – New Smart Reading Device


OrCam harnesses the power of Artificial Vision to compensate for lost visual abilities. OrCam is a sensor that sees what is in front of you, understands what information you seek and provides it to you through a bone-conduction earpiece.



OrCam is a smart camera mounted on the frames of your eyeglasses, which “sees” text, recognizes objects and “whispers” in your ear.



The OrCam device enables you to read books or newspapers, verify money note denominations, and even identify which product or item you are pointing at.


Easy to Use. All you have to do is point.


OrCam can read printed text, in real time.


Recognize your personal objects.


You can personalize your OrCam device by teaching it to recognize specific objects around you.


In the future, OrCam will be equipped with facial recognition, the ability to recognize places, colors and much more.


Cost: $2,500


For more info:  http://www.orcam.com/

a bone-conduction earpiece.


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