What do you do when you want to up-grade your CCTV?

The following article is by Lauren Tappan:

 Every time I have to purchase AT equipment, I have to do a lot
of research on my own.  We went to the Raleigh Lion’s Club for a look at Davinici  and it’s relationship to the I-Pad.
This week I will get a look at Optelec  ClearView Plus Speech and Prodigy.
 It seems that there is a new generation of AT machines that can act as a CCTV, magnify, read and save text. I have a library of books, essays and articles I want to read quickly.  I could scan this text and download each page to my computer.  After more steps, I could then read the page using Zoom Text.  These new AT machines allow me to read the text immediately without all of these steps.  Some of these machines can interface with Apple iOS devices which means that your AT world is portable..  In this way the low-vision user can replace several AT devices with one machine.
     You can arrange to have a demonstration of this AT equipment at the NC Assistive Technology Center in Raleigh, NC., The Industry for the Blind in Winston-Salem, NC or you can contact the Community Low-Vision Center at the UNC Kittner Eye Center in Chapel Hill,NC.
     We will see where all of this leads me.  More to come.

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