CCTV or iPad

The following is a note from Lauren Tappan

     Here is another potential note for the blog.  What do you do when your CCTB is starting to fade? I’ve owned my telesensory CCTV for 8 to 9 years and the camera is finally losing its focus.  It would cost me 1400 dollars to have the camera repaired.  I could buy a used CCTB for less than this.  There has recently been an explosion of low vision apps for Apple products.  I heard that the Ipad 3 has an app called voiceover and zoom reader.  Voiceover will let you tap on the icon and it will read you the name of the icon.  Zoom reader will also read and magnify text that is displayed on the Ipad screen.  Both of these apps cost around 20 dollars a piece.  I also heard that there is another app for the apple products that acts like a CCTB and again this app costs about 20 dollars.  The Ipad 3 also has a camera that will allow you to click on an object or text and then read it to you.  This is not as easy as it sounds.  There is a stand that you can put the Ipad 3 on which will stabilize the pad and help you to take a clear picture of the text you want to read.  It also seems to be very difficult to find staff at the Apple store that understand how these apps work.  There doesn’t seem to be an ability to go to the Apple store and try out these apps on an Ipad.  The Apple store’s staff has said that the best thing to do is find someone with an Ipad and ask them to help you with it.  So again, this is rather a mysterious adventure, but it might be worth the effort.  More on this later.


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