Jack Mitchell rep for Indigo Logix

Indigo Logix, LLC is a company specializing in products and services for people with low vision and blindness.  With nearly 50 years of combined experience the Indigo Logix team is dedicated to transforming lives through technology. Along with Humanware, we are also a dealer for ABiSee, ai squared, and Tagarno (for the Ibis HD magnifier)

Jack Mitchell, our North Carolina representative, has experience working in the assistive technology field both as a sales representative in NC and as a rehabilitation engineer in TN.  He was employed as a rehabilitation engineer at East Tennessee Technology Access Center in Knoxville from
2000-2001, working with assistive technology for a wide array of disabilities.

Since moving to North Carolina, he has worked specifically with assistive technology for people with visual impairments.  Jack also is
available to provide assistive technology training and general tech support for individuals with visual impairments.  Contact him for details.

Jack Mitchell with Indigo Logix, LLC
email  jack@indigo-logix.com
phone at 919-260-8580.


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