Product Review for Kindle Fire HD

The following is by Leslie Degner, RN:

When my original Apple iPad was no longer working for me, I didn’t want to invest the several hundred dollars to get an upgraded one – so I purchased the Amazon Kindle Fire HD. It never ceases to amaze me how incredible these color e-book readers are. For those with macular degeneration, this reader offers several features that are appealing to those with low vision.

1. Contrast

Although I love my Kindle Paperwhite, the Fire HD actually has better contrast. The white background is whiter and the black is blacker. The option to set the background as black and the wording in white is available to those who see the reversed contrast better.


2. Color

The vivid, sharp colors are no less than amazing. While one can get some books in large print, that is not true for magazines. So for those who enjoy reading magazines on gardening, cars, travel, or cooking that are filled with pictures just download your favorite magazine and you can magnify the font and enlarge the pictures.

 3. Cyber Monday

Last Christmas my friend showed me her new Kindle Fire, which at that time was $199. I bought mine on sale a couple of months later at $169. Today, Cyber Monday it is available for $119.

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One Response to Product Review for Kindle Fire HD

  1. I agree that Colour E-Readers are great for reading books with low vision. I use the kindle app for iPad which really does deliver a great reading experience, mostly thanks to the iPad’s 9.7″ display.
    I myself considered buying a Kindle fire HD on Cyber Monday but read some bad reviews which put me off.

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