Guide to eReaders for Low Vision & AMD

The best e book reader for someone with low vision or macular degeneration is the one that offers the largest screen size and the most options for font magnification and contrast.

This low vision technology is also a wireless reading device. Meaning it runs on a battery and needs no wires and no computer is needed to download ebooks. You can take this wireless reading device anywhere – it is totally portable and lightweight.

Kindle fire

Some of the reasons you may want to consider an electronic reading device are:

1. Font Magnification – You can enlarge the font several times

2. Any book in large print – no longer are you limited to hard copies of large print books

3. Read the newspaper again – can download your favorite daily newspaper and enlarge the font

4. Good contrast and anti-glare screen for easier reading

5. Easy to use. Navigate with touchscreen or easy to use buttons.

6. Read or listen to your book – if you get tired of reading simply press a button to listen to your favorite book on the Kindle reader or download audio books right to any of the e book readers.

7. Less expensive to download the ebooks than it is to purchase large print books.

8. Free wireless access without the need for a computer. Download books, newspapers, textbooks and magazines right to the wireless reading device.

9. Screen rotates to landscape screen or vertical screen

10. A Color Screen is available on the Apple iPad, Barnes and Noble Nook, and the Kindle Fire.

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