CDesk – The Simple Large Type Desktop

Some people have difficulty using ZoomText, which is just a magnified version of the complex Windows desktop. There is a nice alternative for low vision – CDesk with voice-enabled applications.


CDesk by AdaptiveVoice is a stand-alone, all-inclusive software program that enables access to the most commonly used functions of their computers. CDesk is not merely a screen reader or a screen magnification program. CDesk is a single program with 19 applications, built from the ground up to be extremely intuitive, simple to use, and easy to learn by utilizing a consistent user interface.

CDesk is a simple, competitive and low-cost solution with distinctly reduced training time and costs. Most CDesk clients are operational with word processing, contact management, email and basic internet usage in under 5 hours of training. CDesk is speech enabled with large print, high contrast text and dynamic user controlled magnification throughout the all of the CDesk applications.

CDesk Suite Includes 19 Applications: EMail, Contacts, Internet, OCR Scanning/Reading, Word Processing, Calendar, Calculator, Spread Sheet, Skype Audio/Video integration, MP3 Music Player, Games, NLS Bard Book downloading, Real-time News Reader and Internet Radio and much more!

All CDesk applications are voice-enabled, shortcut accessible, and use high contrast/large print fonts and cursors with user-controlled context sensitive magnification for ease of access to any level of user.

CDesk has a complete set of task oriented training videos within all of the applications and CDesk remote support and training available.

Free 15day Trial

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