Instant 20/20 Adjustable Eyeglasses

Instant 20/20 glasses are supposed to help you see better by letting you dial the glasses to your preferred setting. The makers of Instant 20/20 claim that you just dial them in, and you can see instantly what you couldn’t before. They say they’re good for a multitude of situations, including watching TV, reading the newspaper or books, doing arts and crafts and other hobbies, sporting events, and more. 

They caution that these shouldn’t be used while driving and that these won’t help with astigmatism or macular degeneration.,

What is interesting is the ability to correct the acuity for each lens individually. That’s huge, as most of the time your vision will vary depending on the eye. That makes them better than pharmacy rack eyeglasses.

They cost $30 plus about $10 for shipping. There is even a money-back guarantee on the glasses, but not the shipping costs.

For more info:



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