E-Scoop Lenses for Macular Degeneration

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Recently developed New E-Scoop lenses from Holland now enable doctors to help patients with one of the chief complaints associated with macular degeneration—cloudy vision.

“Macular degeneration not only causes central blind spots but reduces clarity,” says Dr. Richard Shuldiner, low vision optometrist and IALVS founder. “Most of my patients ask me for clearer vision.”
Glasses that use the new technology bridge the gap between standard eyeglasses and spectacle head-borne telescopes. Whether your difficulty is night driving, bright light, sunlight or simply seeing clearly into the distance, the E-Scoop lens placed over a standard eyeglass prescription can help.
The lens has four distinct properties that make vision clearer and sharper, with reduced glare:

  •     The yellow tint improves contrast.
  •     The prism moves the image away from the damaged macular area.
  •     The thickness of the lens, combined with its special “base” curve, makes objects appear slightly larger.
  •     The anti-reflection coating allows more light through the lens.

Currently, the IALVS optometrists are the only doctors in the United States who have been specially trained to fit patients for the New E-scoop glasses. IALVS are located in most states throughout the country.
For More Information

For more information, call 888-778-2030 or visit http://www.IALVS.com.

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/1449255#ixzz2eD639zwu



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