Smartphone Apps for the Visually Impaired

This article is from Kim Komando:

SoundGecko (Free; iOS, Android) – This great app is a text-to-speech converter. Is there a news article or blog you want to read? No problem! SoundGecko reads it to you. It even sounds like a real person.

LookTel Money Reader ($10; iOS) – If you have trouble reading fine print on currency, this is the app for you. The LookTel Money Reader app identifies the currency in question, speaks the denominations and displays them in large print on the screen.

LookTel Recognizer ($10; iOS) – This is a must-have app for the visually impaired. LookTel Recognizer builds a personalized library of images for instant recognition. You can identify cans, packages, Credit and ID cards and other items with fine print. This app also includes a barcode scanner for extra efficiency.

Dragon Dictation (Free; iOS) – Is Siri giving you problems again? Don’t have Siri? You’re in luck, because Dragon Diction is a free voice recognition app. Easily create emails, texts, and notes with just your voice.

Umano (Free; iOS, Android) – This 5-star app is a newsreader for your smartphone or tablet. It will read articles from your favorite sites with little fuss. Similar to the KNFB Reader.

Skyvi (Free; Android) – Android users have another answer to Siri with this witty smartphone assistant. It can do everything from checking the weather to sending emails to searching the web. Just tell it what you want to do.

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