EPGL Medical Devices for Eye Treatments

A couple of weeks ago, I decided not to share some info on a an eye treatment developed by EGPL. But it seems they are not a fly by night operation. They are continuing to produce several other helpful medical devices.

EPGL Medical has invented a smart needle for procedures involving injection of any substance into the epidural (spinal) space to help prevent puncture while threading the needle between vertebras into the epidural space.

EPGL Medical has invented a smarter nerve ablation device. Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA), is used to produce heat on nerves surrounding the facet joints on either side of the lumbar spine. This procedure eliminates the ability for the nerve to transmit pain signals to the brain, thus giving the patient temporary relief.

EPGL Medical has invented a more accurate needle device for treatment of myofascial trigger points. Injections for trigger points can be dry or include saline, local anesthetics such as steroids procaine hydrochloride, lidocaine, and botulinum toxin to provide more immediate relief and can be effective when other methods fail.

Now, closer to “home”, EPGL  invented a new device for the purpose of treating serious eye diseases such as macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa. The technology emits low intensity pulse ultrasound into the eye for the purpose of regeneration of damaged cells and to possibly arrest the degeneration of existing healthy cells within the macula and the entire retina.

In addition, EPGL  invented the world’s first self powered, self contained, power source for contact lenses. The power supply comes from within the lenses and is self perpetuating day or night. Using cutting edge technology, EPGL has invented a self perpetuating power source for lenses which does not require external energy such as RF.

Researchers are now designing applications for use in contact lenses for both health care and consumer needs. One use of powered contact lenses being investigated is for displaying data in real-time to the lenses wearer about medical data such as their blood sugar level, oxygen level, heart rate, EKG and many other possible medical applications. Powered contact lenses are also being looked into as delivery devices for drugs and other therapeutic applications.

In the consumer electronics market, powered contact lenses have promise to display data from the Internet directly into the wearer’s field of vision real-time. Imagine being able to have telescopic vision on demand or microscopic vision.

Now do you understand my hesitancy about publishing this information? It almost seems unbelievable. Let us hope time proves this all true.

for more info:  http://www.epglmed.com/EPGL_Medical_Sciences/Products.html


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