Eyeglasses that Read to You

OrCam harnesses the power of Artificial Vision to compensate for lost visual abilities. OrCam is a sensor that sees what is in front of you, understands what information you seek and reads it to you through a bone-conduction earpiece.


OrCam reads, recognizes faces, identifies objects, products and places, locates bus numbers and monitors traffic lights. It does all that with the most intuitive user interface you can imagine. 


Easy to Use

All you have to do is point.

OrCam understands what you want on its own, whether it’s to read, find an item, catch a bus or cross the road.

Faces and places are recognized continuously. OrCam will tell you when it sees a face or a place it recognizes, without you having to do anything.

To teach the device something new is just as simple: for an item shake it, for a place or face wave your hand. When OrCam sees these gestures it will instruct you in real time on how to store the item.

OrCam can read any printed t,ext, in real time.

You can read newspapers and books, signs, labels on any product including medication and even text on a computer, phone or television screen.

As you might expect, the introductory price is $2,500.

For more Info:  http://www.orcam.com/




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