3D DigiGlasses in Development in Europe

The DigiGlasses project aims to help this group of visually impaired people by providing them with a glasses like digital tool to convert the real view of the environment to a sharper, more focused picture by increasing contrast and using edge detection.
digiglasses 1
The plan is to develop a pair of digital “glasses” working with a camera chip, a signal processing unit and a small LCD or LED screen. The captured picture will be analyzed and processed based on the necessary corrections. One of the planned corrections is contrast increasing and edge detection which will help the visually impaired recognize the different objects in their surroundings.
The DIGIGLASSES project is a research project funded by the European Commission with the aim to develop glasses that can correct sight difficulties caused by different eye diseases for the visually impaired. The device to be developed intends to integrate the functions of current visual aid devices (zoom, contrast improvement etc.), and provide a 3D vision for the users customized to the specific symptoms of the users eye disease.
For more info: http://www.digiglasses.eu/node/31

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