Jim Bohannon show discusses Visual Impairment

On May 8, Jim  discussed visual impairment on his radio show.

There are over six point six million Americans of all ages who are either blind or have a significant vision impairment. Slightly more are female rather than male, and slightly more are under the age of 65 than above. Two-thirds of blind or visually-impaired adults do not have even a high school education, and one-third have incomes that place them below the poverty line. Most tellingly, the unemployment rate for blind and visually-impaired adults is a staggering 63 percent. Living a fulfilled, independent life for these people is an uphill battle. However, more and more, technology is helping make the difference in helping the blind live rewarding and independent lives, both at home and in the workplace. We’ll learn more about blindness, other visual impairments, and how technology is helping to level the playing field with two guests: Charlie Collins, who is visually-impaired himself, the founder and CEO of the firm Vision Dynamics and ophthalmologist Dr. Howard Charles, of New York’s Mount Kisco Medical Group.

They discussed telescopic implants, stem cell research, retinal implants, AMD injections, talking books and various assistive technology.

For more info: http://www.jimbotalk.net/programhighlights?date=20130508

This discussion starts 40 minutes into the program and lasts about 45 minutes.


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