Chapel Hill Library buys a New CCTV Digital Magnifier

This article is by Lauren Tappan:
The Chapel Hill Library has just purchased a new CCTV from Enhanced Vision.  They also plan to put Zoom Text on one of their computers.   Libraries have had a concern about purchasing AT equipment as they see the equipment used infrequently.  The libraries do not usually have an out reach program for the visually impaired.  There seems to be a disconnect between the available AT equipment and the low-vision community.  It is not unusual for low-vision individuals to not be aware of AT equipment, where it is located and how to use it.  Therefore, an outreach program to connect AT equipment and the low-vision community is essential.   Another problem is that our libraries are under staffed and they are concerned that the low-vision community will require more staff time. 
 I have seen one library effectively use volunteers for this type of out-reach with their low-vision/blind community members.  They usually have a weekly support group that meets at the library.   The group members are picked up at their residence and taken to the group.  The volunteers read newspapers articles etc. to the group members.  This type of group has been a life line to the low-vision/blind in this community. 
Each community has to determine what works best for them.  The solution is to make the link between the low-vision/blind and the AT services that are available to them.”

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