Eyeglasses will give blind people the ability to Read

What began as a project for a student competition may possibly result in a breakthrough for the 39 million people suffering from blindness worldwide.

Maria Pia Celestino, Viurniel Sanchez, Jesus Amundarain and Esam Mashni from Florida International University were instructed to develop a social entrepreneurship project for a business class. What the team came up with was a pair of lightweight eyeglasses capable of reading text to the blind. Blind_glasses_01

The invention consists of a pair of eyeglasses, 2 Micro HD cameras, and earphone and a 4 GB Hard Drive. On either side of the eyeglasses you will find 2 Micro HD cameras to capture the images of the text. The text is then quickly processed by the 4 GB HD and software creating an immediate playback to the wearer through the earphone.

 Using simple components, the team wishes to make this a cost-effective solution for the vision impaired.

 For more info:  http://www.electronicproducts.com/Optoelectronics/Image_Sensors_and_Optical_Detectors/How_a_pair_of_eyeglasses_will_give_blind_people_the_ability_to_read.aspx


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