Smartphone Makers See New Market in Older People

This article is from Gail Johnson.


Fujitsu devoted a good chunk of its booth at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to an Android phone called the Stylistic, aimed at what the Japanese phone maker politely calls “the mature consumer.”

With its large type, big buttons and touch feedback, Fujitsu is essentially going after seniors. And the company is not alone.

Kyocera was showing its own device, the Mi-Look. Available in Japan, the basic cellphone is designed for senior citizens living alone, and includes a number of monitoring features for family members.

Kyocera Mi-Look

Kyocera Mi-Look

Kyocera’s phone features a strap at the end of the device that can be pulled in case of an emergency. When activated, the phone makes a loud sound, and an email is sent to an emergency contact with the user’s location, using the phone’s GPS.

The Mi-Look also comes with a docking station that has a motion sensor. If the sensors don’t pick up any movement over an extended period of time, the dock will send an email notification to a contact person.

These are not yet available in the US. Soon, we hope.

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