Suggestions for MAC Owners

This article is by Gail Johnson.

This site has many interesting and useful ideas fro Mac users of iPod, iPhone and iPad.


Speaking engagement today!: I was invited to speak at the Duke disabilities office today. I have had the honor of speaking to them in the past and was invited back for new AT ideas. I brought in my new equipment from the state program and what I have purchased. I have offered my services as a volunteer to help with low vision students and professors. It is a good relationship which I have developed. I hope to hear from them in March.

Echolocation: I never heard again from Mr. Johnson, the author of the Echolation book after sending him information. He had  contacted you, Herb and I before Christmas, at least. So, no word. I guess he thought I was going to buy his book when I had asked him to end me a copy. What I read was interesting. It was no as useful for me right now as my vision is too good for what he was teaching. I did learn how to detect open spaces through experimenting in the mall!!!!
Mac Mt Lion Upgrade: Did you know the new Mac OS X Mt. Lion version has a dictation piece free with the upgrade? It only works for short sentences and I have had some trouble with it. Hopefully, I will have it fully working in the next few weeks while I am in Durham for my treatments.

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