NC Assistive Tech Conference

A few days ago, Lauren and John attended the NC AT Conference in Raleigh. It was a great opportunity to see and handle the latest advances in assistives. They had the DaVinci HD CCTV with OCR and the Pebble-Mini by Enhanced Vision, the SmartView Synergy video magnifier with advanced control and the SmartView 360 by Humanware, the E-Board ergonomic workstation by Widget Works, the Eye-Pal Vision book reader by ABiSee, ZoomText magnifying software by AI Squared, the Guide Handsfree by Dolphin  and much more. Being able to use these products is enormously encouraging that assistives help all who have low vision.

But even more beneficial was meeting the people who have devoted their lives to helping those learning to cope with low vision. We met with Bob Cook of Carolina Low Vision, Jack Mitchell of Indigo Logix, David Waggener of Humanware, Edna Beard of Quintex, Claire Haiken, a Mobility Specialist, and Lynne Deese of the NC ATP who helped organize this conference. These are the wonderful people who help us maintain our sense of hope dealing with low vision.

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