You Have Choices – a List of CCTV Electronic Magnifiers

The Range of CCTV Electronic Magnifiers

All Assistive Technology devices for persons with low vision generally are ways to magnify what you are trying to see. CCTV Electronic Magnifiers consist of a digital camera, software to change the magnification, contrast and color, and a monitor for viewing. Each of those elements may be of greater or lesser high definition quality with a larger or smaller monitor. Try and see these physically before deciding. Dealers such as Bob Cook of Carolina Low Vision or state agencies such as Lynne Deese of the NCATP  can be very helpful.

For more info: or call  704-819-7817 or call  919-233-7075

In a previous article, we already reviewed what is currently the state of the art in CCTVs, the DaVinci  by Enhanced Vision. In addition to high quality magnification, it provides near vision for applying make-up, far vision for reading a school blackboard and text-to-speech that reads the screen out loud. At $3,000, that may seem too expensive. But in a world that sells Rolls Royces and Fiats, there are plenty of less expensive solutions to low vision problems. If, however, they are charging $2,500 or more for a smaller unit with fewer features, take another look at the DaVinci.

Electronic Magnifiers under $2,000:

Apex Basic Desktop Magnifier

$1,750 with 17″ monitor,  $1,950 with 19″ monitor

Merlin VGA Base plus 23″ Monitor

$1,695 for base Plus $ 130 for monitor

See-More Simplicity Inline Electronic Magnifier: 19-in. Color Flatscreen

$1,995 with 19″ monitor–Color-Flatscreen.html



Low Priced Alternatives:


TV-Eye Compact Desktop Electronic Magnifier:  4x-12x     $595

  • Portable desktop CCTV magnifier connects to your TV
  • Eight levels of magnification from 4x to 12x
  • Built-in adjustable LED illumination
  • Color, enhanced black on white & white on black modes
  • Includes magnifier, AC power supply & TV adapter

For more info:

Miracle Mouse Electronic TV Magnifier 20X

Independent Living Aids   $129

There are several magnifying mouses available. Many people find this model a little sharper.

An affordable and simple to use video camera that works just like a computer mouse. Simply roll magnifier on surface and see enlarged copy on your TV screen.

  • magnify and freeze images on your TV monitor
  • mouse easily moves steady and straight with rolling wheels on bottom
  • reading modes: full color, black on white, white on black
  • magnification on 20″ monitor: 20X (up to 70X digitally)
  • includes carry bag, power adapter, and user’s guide
  • easy to use and install
  • purchase optional USB adapter to install downloadable software for use with computer  (which allows your computer to do variable magnification & OCR Text-to-Speech)

For more info:


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