How to Improve Eye Care

Everything you always wanted to know about sunglasses, contact lenses, glaucoma, cataracts, and more.

What can you do to improve your family’s vision? Dr. Calvin Roberts, chief medical officer for Bausch + Lomb and a clinical professor of ophthalmology at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University, talks with

How is age-related macular degeneration different? [More than 2 million Americans 50 and older have advanced AMD.]

It’s primarily a disease of the blood vessels within your eye. The blood vessels within the retina are the smallest blood vessels in your body. Should there be some process that’s going on that slows down the ability of blood to circulate within your retina, then what happens is you lose that ability to read. People always ask do people with macular degeneration go blind. They lose the ability to read. They actually don’t see the book. Initially they just see real blurry. It all brings back the importance of the routine eye exam. Smoking is the biggest risk factor for macular degeneration. When I see someone with early macular degeneration, my No. 1 request is get into a [smoking cessation] program.

Other topics  discussed include cataracts, glaucoma, Lasik surgery, lubricating eye drops, contact lenses, and more.

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