Trials Continue for RP Treatment

Okuvision GmbH of Hamburg, Germany, is an innovator in the field of transcorneal electrical stimulation (TES) for patients with early and intermediate stage retinitis pigmentosa. Building on the lessons learned through the use of Retina Implant AG’s subretinal implant technology, Okuvision was founded with the goal of testing and developing a treatment option aimed at delaying the effects of retinitis pigmentosa. Okuvision’s first study began in 2007 and treated 24 patients over a period of six weeks. To learn more, please visit: .

Receiving CE mark approval in 2011, OkuStim is designed to promote cell regeneration in photoreceptors and delay progressive sight loss in RP patients by stimulating the eye with TES, also known as electrical stimulation therapy (EST). The device works by sending small amounts of electrical current to stimulate the retina and consists of a frame worn around the patient’s head, a hand-held stimulation controller and a battery pack. Patients can self-administer OkuStim at home or receive treatment in the doctor’s office. During treatment, patients may feel a slight sensation, but no discomfort or pain is involved in the treatment.

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