Retinitis Pigmentosa Drug in Pre-Clinical Tests

Australian company BioDiem  has partnered with Foundation Fighting Blindness in the US to test eye disease therapeutic BDM-E in preclinical models of retinitis pigmentosa.

The study will take place at the Institute’s pre-clinical assessment centre at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, and study the application of BDM-E in models of a disease similar to retinitis pigmentosa.

There is currently no known cure for the disorder, and no therapies that can prevent retinal degeneration or restore vision lost. The only established therapy – vitamin A supplementation – merely slows disease progression in a subgroup of patients.

But BDM-E, a tetrapeptide compound, was granted orphan drug designation for the disorder by the US FDA in September 2010. The compound has also shown promise at treating retinal diseases in prior pre-clinical studies.

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